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Taking the Wild Wild West Out of Investing
Educate Yourself and Learn the Fundamentals of Investing

“Why do we invest instead of just putting our holdings into a bank account? We invest because we have to. As a society, we have to put enough money aside and hope it generates a large enough gain from a chosen activity to meet our financial goals.”
Dan Goldberg

A Simple, Straightforward Guide for New or Experienced Investors
• Learn simple strategies to build a successful portfolio
• Manage investments during volatile markets and tough economic times
• Avoid the pitfalls so many investors make time and time again
• Easy to follow guidance for 401(k), Roth and Traditional IRA investors

About the Author, Dan Goldberg

After many years of research, speaking with friends and colleagues who suffered the consequences of market turmoil, and soul searching, I felt compelled to put my investment and educational experience to use. With so many professionals contributing to IRA and 401(k) style retirement plans, and so much money invested in our retirement system, we all have a common interest and benefit from its success.

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